I realized my blog consists of a lot of book reviews and lists. And though I love both, I know that it is time to switch things up a bit. Without me droning on about my life…

So today’s topic includes books. Of course. And my essay of what makes it a good read. For me at least.

Before you read along, I hope you understand that these are my opinions. You can totally agree or totally disagree (or somewhere in the middle). I can be persuaded to read something different, so hit me with your thoughts and recommendations.

A good read involves…

A good plot, obviously. But as everyone always says: everything is already written. The differences are usually in the characters and the way it is written.

Take Alex Approximately for example. Totally cliché plot: two ‘enemies’ who eventually fall for each other. It’s been written a million times and it will be written a million times more. But the author of this book wrote in a way that was perfect.

That’s because the characters were quite unique. And totally relatable. I find that being able to relate to the main character is my #1 must. This doesn’t have to mean that the main character is exactly like me though!

Being able to relate to the character for me means that dystopian/sci-fi/whatever else that includes other worlds, vampires or weird creatures are a no go for me. I dare to say that I’ve only read the first Harry Potter book and – though it was good – I never picked up another.

Contemporary YA, Chicklit, drama, thriller: those are my favorite genres, in that order too. So maybe the following is not a surprise then:

Mostly, I base a good read on the feeling I get.

I sometimes find myself wanting to go home from work, just so I can read on my commute. It makes some work days very loooong. Whenever a book is a good read, I get butterflies just thinking about my commute and reading again. That feeling makes it a great read for me.

I’ve found myself wanting to be a girl helping on the Formule 1-race tracks (Chasing Daisy) , wanting to work in the movie-theater (It Only Happens In The Movies) and wanting to move/visit the south states to meet a nice man (All Nicholas Sparks). That wanting feeling makes it a great read for me.

With some books, I can sit on the couch, the ground or lay anywhere with my book the whole day. I’m in a completely other world – well mostly on earth because I read contemporary YA – with only taking breaks to get snacks and tea. That not-being-able-to-stop feeling makes it a great read for me.

What makes a book a good read to you? Do you have any examples of perfect reads?