That dreaded reading slump. I think we’ve all been there once or many times.

While it’s definitely not the best thing in the world to have – especially when you have a book blog and you want to talk about all the books – there are some positive sides to it:

  • You have more time to do other things, like catch up on your tv shows, catch up with friends or family, or you know, clean the house.
  • It’s good for your wallet. Whenever I’m in a slump, I don’t buy any books because I’ll feel meh about all books.
  • It’s good for your TBR. Just like the one above, I’ll feel meh about all the books, so I won’t be adding.

Of course, there are negative sides to it too, which all comes down to stressing out because you’re not reading.

Today I’ll talk about how I get into a reading slump and how I get out of it.

How I get into a reading slump

There are two constants when I look back at my reading slumps. I actually found it very handy to know how I get a reading slump, because it helps me figure out how to move on from it.

1. I’m reading a lot of books I do not like

Back in October I think, I read a few non-fiction books and some not so great books in between. I noticed I started to feel a little down everytime I pick up the book I was reading. That was the starting point of a (minor) reading slump. I figured I should just get through the books and then I’ll be fine. But getting through the books took so much time…

This happened a couple of times before too. i’m not someone who DNFs a book easily, but maybe I should.

2. I finished a book I loved

When a book is amazing, it’s hard to disconnect sometimes. I remember when I read The Fault In Our Stars in one day, I just felt out of it for three days. Not out of reading (although, that too), but just out of everything. It was such a sweet, intense and sad book that I was still somehow immersed in that world.

It didn’t just happen with that book.

If a book gives me all the feels, it’s hard to move on from it. Maybe the next book will be just as good, but in that moment I don’t want to forget the one I just finished.

Of course sometimes there are other factors like life getting in the way, but these are the main reasons.

How I get out of my reading slump

Now on to the (hopefully) helpful part: how do you move past that awful slump? Like I said, I find it very helpful to know how I got my reading slump. There are a few ways that I get out of it:

1. Pick a book you know you’ll like/love

When I read a lot of books I don’t like, I make sure to pick up a book that will be a hit. I have some go to authors, like Jill Mansell and Sarah Dessen. That’ll make me want to read again.

2. Make sure you vary your reading

I really like reading non-fiction/self-help books. BUT I should not read 5 in a row. Or 2 for that matter. That’s why I made it a goal this year to read one a month. That leaves enough room for fiction reads, but still stills my hunger for self-help books.

It also always helps me when I’m still stuck in my last book – because it was amazing – to pick something totally different. After a romance, I’ll pick a self-help. After a self-help, I’ll pick a contemporary. I only do this when I feel a slump coming, because I can read a lot of romance or contemporaries novels without getting a reading slump.

Of course, you can always embrace the reading slump. Like I said, you can catch up on other things in life.

Do you get in a reading slump? Do you know what triggers it? What are your go to moves to get out of it?