Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing the Nope Trope Books Tag with you. I saw this tag over on I’m Fully Booked and Zaneta tagged whoever thought this was a fun tag and so I considered myself tagged!

I really liked answering all these questions, I hope you love reading it!

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Eavesdropping with miscommunication

Name a book you heard great things about and expected to love but ended up hating.

It Sounded Better In My Head. I mean, I didn’t hate it. But it sounded better in the blogosphere than it did in the actual book. At least to me.

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Love Triangles

Name a series where you can’t pick your favourite book

It’s not an official series, but the Simonverse books are all great. (okay, I haven’t read Leah On The Offbeat and Love, Creekwood yet, but I expect great things).

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Not Like Other Girls/Didn’t Know I’m Beautiful

Name a book that has a pretty cover but was boring as all hell.

I really like the English cover of Frankly in Love (I read the Dutch translation), but the book self wasn’t that great? I’m still debating if the book was good or not.

All-Consuming Love

Name a book that gave you a book hangover.

Love & Gelato is the last book I remember that gave me a massive book hangover.

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Douchebag Boyfriend

Name a book that took you a while to get into, but you ended up loving.

I thought Sorta Like A Rockstar was a bit weird in the beginning. Not really my cup of tea. But it won me over and I cried at the end.

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Tell us your favourite or least favourite trope.

I have so many favorites! I love enemies to lovers, or best friend to lovers. But I also love slow-burning romance. I pretty much love all things love?

This was so fun! If you like to do this tag too, consider yourself tagged.