Hey guys! How was your weekend? It’s Monday, so I’m here to give you another book review. My fourth eARC review! The Kissing Game by Marie Harte was on my TBR-list and I was so happy when I got the ARC from Netgalley.

Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads: Rena Jackson is ready. She’s worked her tail off to open up her own hair salon, and she’s almost ready to quit her job at the dive bar. Rena’s also a diehard romantic, and she’s had her eye on bar regular Axel Heller for a while. He’s got that tall-dark-and-handsome thing going big time. Problem is, he’s got that buttoned-up Germanic ice man thing going as well. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Rena’s about ready to give up on Axel and find her own Mr. Right.

At six foot six, Axel knows he intimidates most people. He’s been crushing on the gorgeous waitress for months. But the muscled mechanic is no romantic, and his heart is buried so deep, he has no idea how to show Rena what he feels. He knows he’s way out of his depth and she’s slipping away. So, he makes one crazy, desperate play…

Published: February 4, 2020
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me an eARC. All opinions are my own.

My thoughts on The Kissing Game

The negatives

There are so many things wrong with this book. First off, the cover, which in no way gave me the impression of all the detailed sex scenes there were in the book. It looks like a romantic comedy, chicklit kind of novel. But let me tell you that it’s not.

Sure there are funny moments, and sure there are romantic ones. But honestly, it was shocking to me when the first explicit scene came. So be warned.

Second; there’s a lot of violence. And while it’s ‘good’ violence (is there ever such a thing though), because it’s good guys hitting bad, racist guys, I don’t like it at all. Also, Rena usually thinks Axel’s hot, because he’s strong and can beat up people so she feels safe. I feel like that is sooooo wrong. Sure you have to feel safe, but I don’t like it if my boyfriend would beat up people.

Third and last; don’t sell your book with a tall-dark-and-handsome promise when the guy is a strong, blond, German Viking. It messed with my head.

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The positives

Other than that, I liked the book. It kept me reading because I needed to know how it ended. It had a lot of cheesy things in it and I’m all for it. I do not mind the occasional sex scene, since it’s a romance (though there were more than enough in this one).

Rena is a strong feminine protagonist, although she has some flaws. Still, she was a great lead in the book and I could totally relate to her.. I also liked the side characters, that apparently have their own book series by the same author. It is a very mixed bunch, with different races, different sexual preferences and different ages, which made me very happy.

Overall, not a bad book, but not a great one either.

Final rating of The Kissing Game

Rating: 3 out of 5.