Hey friends! I have had some trouble lately coming up with blog posts and with writing things in general. So for today I decided to do the Gilmore Girls Book Tag because 1. I love Gilmore Girls and 2. Tags are easy 🙂

The rules

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NOTE: I cut of a few prompts from the list, because I couldn’t answer those and it would’ve gotten too long otherwise.

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The first one I can come up with is Axel Heller from The Kissing Game.

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I’m not sure if she’s fast talking, but Lucy from The Hating Game definitely has a witty character in my opinion.

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Paige and Max from The Start of Me and You and The Map From Here to There are both really into reading.

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I want to say Paige and Max again, but let’s not repeat. So then I will say Andie from The Unexpected Everything. She not only has a great friend group, but I think she is fun and a really good friend.

Also read: my review of The Unexpected Everything

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I recently reread The Start of Me And You and that was really comforting. Some of the many other books I’d like to reread for comfort are:

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I just finished Mistletoe & Mr. Right and it’s set in a small Alaskan town, which gave it so much charm.

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Oooh this is a hard one. I really like slowburn romances and friends-to-lovers and enemies-to-lovers and broken-families/friendships and online-relationships/hidden identities (if that makes sense) and rich/royal families/famous people and breaking-up-because-the-other-one-deserves-better/different

Royal family, Friends-to-lovers

Broken family, friends-to-lovers

Breaking up because etc.

Hidden identity/online relationship, enemies-to-lovers

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I… honestly have no idea? I think I read books with very normal characters that aren’t reckless?

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Surprise Me has a long term relationship that’s a bit of a drag, so they decide to surprise each other to keep the spark alive.

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The first one that comes to mind is Peter, who is a master on the piano.

I’m not tagging anoyone, but feel free to do this tag too!

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