Oh, the dreaded TBR-list. Don’t get me wrong, I get really excited by new books that sounds promising. And I would love to read them all. Therefore, my TBR-list keeps growing, instead of slimming down a bit.

As an avid reader and self-proclaimed book blogger, I LOVE all the books. Obviously. I devour book blogs and bookstagrammers, always in search of the next awesome read.

The big realisation

I was trying to make my way through my TBR-list to find my next read when I noticed something: there are 435 book on this list. Not only is that number already huge, I also had another realisation. I read about 40 books a year. It would take TEN YEARS to finish this list!

A lot more, considering I add a lot books to it every month or so.

That really hit me, so I started to scan through, Marie Kondo-style. Books that were in there that sounded meh, I deleted.

And now my TBR-list is still 427 books…

Going forward with the huge TBR-list

I must say I feel pretty good about those 8 books I deleted. But I do realize it will still take me a lot of years to finish it all.

And since I love all things list- and organise-related, I decided to come up with a plan.

First: I will loan all the books that are available at the library. This saves a lot of money and gives me the deadline to read the books, since they have to be returned by a certain date.

Second: I will go through the list every other month, to see if I can delete some books.

Third: I wasn’t planning on setting my Goodreads reading challenge goal higher next year, but it seems like I have to to have some more pressure to read a lot. But no more than 50.

The pressure of the TBR-list

The thing is, if I read more than 50 books per year, it’s all about meeting that goal. It’s not about the stories anymore. Reading becomes a chore, instead of a way to relax.

Same thing goes for my blog/Instagram. I want to stay on top of the hypes, but I just can’t. So that’ll be the fourth thing on my list: trying to minimize the amount of books on my TBR-list by reading the ones that are on there for forever. Who knows, maybe I’ll be a niche bookblogger about long forgotten books that are awesome 😅

Anyway, the most important thing there is to do is to not feel the pressure. To not feel the TBR-list breathing down my neck whenever I don’t read. To be excited by the amount of books there are to read, because I love to read. Not because I have to read.

Because there is more to life. Like fun series and movies. Or you know, real people I love to spend time with.

Do you feel the pressure of the TBR-list?