Hey bookworms! I hope you are all good. Today I’m talking about book formats. At first, I wanted to talk about my favorite format and why it was my favorite, but I have a very very hard time choosing between the different formats.

I pretty much read any format

And of course I have some preferences, but really, a book is a book and if I want to read it, I will somehow (and some day). So I’m giving you my pros and cons about the different formats. Or at least my pros and cons!


Flashback to a few years ago, when I wasn’t reading as much as now. I still loved reading, and have read a lot when I was younger. But about five or six years ago, I wasn’t. Reading, I mean. And I wanted to change that, so I thought the best way was to get an e-reader. I think they were fairly new back then? I remeber I felt very cool when I got one ๐Ÿ˜‚

It worked too! Back then I downloaded a lot of books (illegally, shame on me!) and read way more than I used to.

But there are also other e-book media (is that the word?). Lately, I’ve been reading some e-books on my phone, because the e-books from the library are in an app. I’ll talk about the pros and cons for each format of e-book.


The biggest pro has to be the weight. It’s light, even if there are a thousand books on the thing. The weight, but also the size, makes it so easy to take it everywhere. The e-reader, but also your phone. I love having an e-book on my phone. I always have it with me, so it’s easy to read more.

Another big big pro is that the e-book version is usually cheaper.

I also love that you don’t have to hold the book open. If you know what I mean. With physical books you have to keep the pages from turning and I know it sounds stupid but sometimes my hand hurts from holding it. E-readers (and phones) don’t have that!

I love how you can change the size of the font. How you can look up words that you don’t know. I read in English, which is not my native language, and sometimes I don’t know what a word means. The built-in translator on my e-book works wonders!


At the moment, the biggest con is that e-books are not books on my shelf. I finally have a book shelf and I need to fill it!

What I don’t like is that the cover is always black and white. I can’t take pretty pictures of it for Instagram or my blog and the beautiful covers are a bit lost because of the lack of color.

Which you don’t lack with e-books on your phone or tablet. But in those cases I don’t like the blue light that you get from the screen. I don’t have an e-reader with a backlight, so there’s no need to worry about blue light there. But with my phone it’s different. It hurts my eyes (not really, but too much blue light is not good for you!) and sometimes because of the (sun)light, you can’t really see the screen right.

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Physical books

I… don’t have a fun story from my past about physical books I think. I like to point out that I mean both paperbacks and hardcovers in this section.


It looks good on the shelf!!

It also just feels good to hold an actual book. I feel like a real bookworm then. Even though I count all formats as books and reading, so it really is just a feeling.

The cover looks amazing, plus the feel of paper is so great. But again, that’s just a feeling that makes me feel like a proper nerd ๐Ÿค“


It’s more expensive, usually. Especially hardbacks!

You can’t take more than three or so with you on vacation because of the weight.

I get sore hands, but as mentioned above, that may be me being whiny. I also have to look up words, but don’t do that because it’s too much work. So sometimes I don’t get the joke or some other thing.

I’m afraid sometimes to buy physical copies because what if I don’t like/love the book? Then I have it on my shelf and that feels wrong. And then I spent more money on it, while the e-book may have been cheaper…


The last, but not the least, book format is audiobooks. I have already written an entire post about my first experience with audiobooks, and – spoiler alert – I liked it! The first book I listened to was back in April and it was Only Mostly Devestating (which I loved and recommend!). Since then, I have listened to a few other books thanks to the 30-day trial on Scribd. When the trial was over, I haven’t bought or looked for other audiobooks though. I do like the actual reading the words over the listening to the words. But that doesn’t mean I don’t consider audiobooks books or reading.


Multitasking! I loved being able to listen to a book and work in the garden, or cook, or do a jigsaw puzzle. I sometimes feel bad when I don’t want to do a household chore because I rather be reading, and with audiobooks you can do both!

And I think that’s the only one I can think of, but it also includes just being more active because of it. I went for walks more often, just so I could listen and – like I said – I would do household things instead of sitting down and read.


For me, it was hard to concentrate sometimes. Because I’m not actively reading, my mind wandered off quite a bit. I do have to say that I had this problem most with non-fiction/self-help books I listened too.

The voice can really make it or break it. I started an audiobook with a voice I did not like, so I decided to stop and to just read the book. I also heard that sometimes they do multiple voices with the different characters and I don’t have experience with that. Don’t think I would like that.

As you can tell, I’m more a reader than a listener, but there are definitely some postives to each one of the formats. What is your favorite format and why?