You probably know that yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate it or think it’s a stupid commercial holiday (really, those people exist!), the feeling of love is really the best feeling there is.

I like Valentine’s Day, but this year I didn’t do anything special. I am however going out for dinner tonight, so I count that as a late Valentine’s Day dinner (even though the dinner is a celebratory dinner because we bought a house!).

I find myself buried in romantic books pretty much throughout the year, especially around Valentine’s Day. So naturally, I had to do a post with five romantic books, just in case you want to be buried too.

Romantic books about all kind of love

1. This is what happy looks like by Jennifer E. Smith

With a romantic setting (a lake town), an online romance and a movie star as a main character, this book has the perfect ingredients for a romantic read. It is a YA-novel, but really cute, fluffy and just amazing.

2. Me before you by Jojo Moyes

Go to any book blog with a Valentine’s Day post and you are bound to see Me Before You in the list. As it should, because the book is heartwarming as well as heartbreaking. A perfect and life-changing love story, for the characters as well as the reader.

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3. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

A contemporary YA-novel with lots of love, family and coming-of-age, there is nothing really that could go wrong with that right?

4. Anything Nicolas Sparks writes

Okay, is this cheating? I just went through my list of books I read and there were a lot of Nicolas Sparks novels in there and with each one I thought: Yes! That one has to be one the list! Of course the list would be a lot longer than five then.

Nicolas Sparks is king of the romance novels in my opinion. And with a lot of his books turned into amazing movies, you can choose whether you want to read or watch the most romantic stories unfold. Personally, i opted to read and then watch, but the movies always do the books justice.

5. Anything Sophie Kinsella writes

Where Nicolas Sparks is the king of romance novels, Sophie Kinsella is the queen. Her fast-paced, hilarious chicklit novels are easy to get through in one sitting and you fall in love with every character while the characters fall in love with each other. Not really the lovey-dovey kind of romance, but more the fun and quirky one.

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What’s your favorite romance novel? Would you rather read romance around Valentine’s Day, or some other genre?