If you’ve followed along, you might have noticed that I’ve added a few new blog posts in the past weeks. That’s a good thing that I can hopefully keep up. So what’s new, different and what’s on the agenda? Here’s a complete update from my life, personal and blog wise.

Update on the blog

I haven’t updated a lot in the past months, yet for the past three weeks there has been a somewhat steady stream of posts. I have been writing a lot, but I had no energy to think of nice, beautiful photos to add to the posts. So I just let it wait and wait and wait.

But I’m back!

And there are some changes! I am trying to make it easier for myself, so I came up with a schedule.

Monday: a book review
Wednesday: Something different (songs, movies, series, a personal update, or something else life related)
Friday: I’ve introduced the Friday Five. Each time with a different theme.

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I’m committed to this schedule and really hope I can keep it up.

I recently got Adobe Lightroom and I’m figuring out how to use it. I have been taking lots of pictures and I’m trying to make them better in Lightroom. That way I can add pictures to all the blogs.

With this, I also want to be more active on Instagram. So far that has failed, but I’m not giving up!

Update on my personal life

Here comes the real reason my blog hasn’t been updated: life happened.

As I’ve mentioned before, the past six months I’ve been living together with my boyfriend. This was a change for both of us and it took some getting used to. Besides living together, we were also living apart from our parents. That means cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and things like that had to be done by ourselves. It took a while before we got the hang of it (we still don’t fully got the hang of it though).

Things are even more busy since I’ve started a new education. Besides work, I now go to school one day ever two weeks. I have homework and an exam at the end. It’s very fun, because I’m getting more expertise in communication, the field I’m working in. But it’s also very tiring at times.

With the end of the six months coming, we have to move out the apartment and were trying to figure out what to do. I really wanted to rent a place closer to home, my boyfriend really wanted to buy a place in the city we live in now, far away from home.

Let’s just say it took a lot of time, some tears and a list of pro’s and cons to figure out how and where we are going to live. But I’m happy to say that…


Close to home!

When the deal came through though, I had what I called a mental breakdown. There were some adjustments to contracts and money-wise, but after that we are both very happy with the house we have bought. One problem is; we get the key on March 22. That’s more than 2 months away! How are we going to get through that time?!

In the meantime, we will have to move back to our parents. Plus side is: my parents have a bathtub.

BRB, spending the next two months soaking in the bath

What kind of content do you wish to see more? Do you have any suggestions for themes for Friday Five? Let me know!