Happy Monday! As always, this Monday I have a new book review for you guys ready. Today i’m reviewing Off Script by Kate Watson.

I received an eARC from the publisher via Netgalley. It turned out it’s a third installment of a series that I didn’t read and it made me wary. BUT! Turns out you can read it as a stand-alone after all.

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Here’s what Off Script is about: The summer after her first year of college, teen starlet Emma Crawford returns home to Manhattan to prepare for the role of a lifetime—and play career matchmaker to her friends. When Emma’s search for an assistant leads her to the wide-eyed Brittany Smith, Emma sees the big screen in the girl’s future. And because Emma knows best, she’s sure that steering Brittany onto the right path is all she needs to do to make her a star—even if Brittany doesn’t know it yet.

Emma’s plans start to unravel, however, when professional soccer player Liam Price re-enters her life. Not only is Liam her former best friend’s older brother, but he’s gorgeous, smart, and has no problem pointing out the (totally exaggerated) flaws in Emma’s plans. But as Emma comes in close contact with the darker side of Hollywood, she starts to question the glamorous world she’s always known and realizes her role in it needs to change—if she can find the courage to go off script.

Publication date: January 21 2020 (tomorrow!)
Publisher: Flux

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My thoughts on Off Script

I don’t necessarily want to start off by saying something bad about it, but the first 100 pages were rough. I had a hard time going through it, mostly because of the writing style. There was so much dialogue and not enough action for me.

Emma is a not so likable character. She thinks she knows best, is very arrogant and stubborn and it was difficult to like her. She does grow throughout the book and I was happy to see she changed for the better.

The slooooooow burn romance in this book is probably what kept me reading. I loved it. There are some hickups in the book for the romance and it takes a long while, but I found it quite realistic actually. I’m also a sucker for insta-love, but we all know that’s not real (right?). So this romance was a nice change.

The #metoo-movement was one of the themes in the second part of the book. It was very well addressed, but there was something missing. A depth or something. It was a kind of a shame, because it could’ve been so powerful, and I didn’t get that now.

Final rating

Overall, I enjoyed the book. With the few downsides to it I give it:

Rating: 3 out of 5.