Hey guys! In the midst of this worldwide crisis, there are a lot of good things happening. Restaurants that start delivering their meals, companies that switch to making sanitizer and sportclubs posting free workouts online. One of the initiatives that I love? Scribd opened up their subscription, so now you get your 30 days free trial, without having to provide a creditcardnumber (that I don’t have).

On a Scribd subscription, you have access to audiobooks and e-books, right on your phone. While I’m a big big fan of e-books, reading on my phone took some getting used to. But the big experiment was: Will I like audiobooks?

Before trying audiobooks

I’m going to make myself unpopular and say that I had always trouble with audiobooks being real books that you ‘read’. It didn’t feel right. I could also never picture myself listening to it, because I get very easily distracted.

I tried podcasts, but only on walks and even then I get distracted and sometimes miss part of the conversation. Whenever I would do chores I listen to music, because I need that noise there. And with music, you don’t really need to focus.

Why I wanted to try an audiobook

As an adult with my own household, I tend to feel very busy. When I’m reading, in the back of my mind there’s this voice telling me: don’t you have to start dinner? Don’t you have laundry to do? When was the last time you cleaned? And yes, it’s important to also have moments of relaxation. But even then I have choices: play on the Switch, watch Netflix, do a jigsaw puzzle, bake and of course read. Most of those things can’t be combined.

But what if I cleaned while listening to an audiobook? What if I make dinner while listening to an audiobook? What if I listened to an audiobook and did a jigsaw puzzle? I would feel so much more at ease because I could multitask!

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The first experience

So with my new Scribd subscription, I looked for a book I really wanted to read and found Only Mostly Devestated. I was scared that if I didn’t like audiobooks, I wouldn’t like the book either. A part of me wanted to find a book that wasn’t so hyped up and that I wasn’t so excited about. But still, I chose this book, went into the garden and started pulling out weeds while listening to the story of Ollie and Will.

When I was done in the yard, I went inside to continue my Jigsaw puzzle. Then it was time for dinner and I started cooking. All while I was being read to by this voice. Here’s what I thought:

  • It definitely took some getting used to. Especially when people are talking, because the voice doesn’t different voices for different characters and it was confusing in the beginning (why is the voice talking so childish, oooooh wait, it’s a child that’s talking)
  • I wasn’t expecting to get dragged into the story like that. Like I said, I was very skeptic, but from the beginning I could ‘see’ the story in my head, just like I do with actual reading.
  • I feel like it’s faster? This audiobook is 7 hours long and I’m already 5 hours in. I could never read for 5 hours straight and I don’t think I could make the same progress if I did.
  • The voice is pleasant, but now I’m scared for other audiobooks that may have a different voice.
  • I feel like I don’t get emotional attached as much as I would when I read the book. The sad part about the book didn’t bring tears to my eyes, the lovely parts didn’t give me butterflies. I think that’s because I’m not fully focused on the story, because I’m busy with dinner/yard work/puzzles/etc. When reading the book, I have my full attention on the book ant the story.
  • I actually got excited to do chores! Cooking dinner? Sure! I don’t have to stop my book, cause I can keep listening to it!

In conclusion: I like audiobooks

I liked it! I’m hesitant to say I love it, because I only did one book so far and I need more experience for me to fully love it. But I would recommend everyone to try at least!

What do you think about audiobooks? Have you every tried it? What are some things you like to do when you listen to an audiobook?