Another month, another update. My last monthly update was posted on my birthday, so that’s where we left off. Time to talk about what happened, from my birthday to my trip to Italy!

My birthday celebration

My birthday was perfect, at least for me. I told everyone that was invited that they could come any time during the day. And it just so happened that everyone decided to come during the day. That’s how I got to spend the Saturday night, my birthday night, at home with my parents and boyfriend.

 Which, as I said, was great for me. After a long day of socializing and feeling a little nervous, a night off felt great. The day went by quite mellow, with lots of cake and snacks left for me to eat the days after. Yum!

As for presents, I got spoiled rotten. A weekend away to London (ah!), a cutlery set (for when I finally move out), and a Philips Wake-up Light. And the list goes on; I also got gift cards, a book, and beautiful jewelry.

And balloons. What do you do with balloons when you’re 25? That’s right, you make pictures

Heading to Italy

On the last day of April, my family and I went to Italy for a week soaking up the Italian sun in Tuscany. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of sun to soak up and quite a lot of rain that got us soaked once. We were with ten people in a big villa, so we still enjoyed ourselves with games and conversation.

Also, Tuscan cities and villages are so cute, that we went exploring some of them. Cortona, Siena and Lucignano (where we were located) all had the Italian charm. So yes, I made a thousand photos.

We had one day with hot weather, and I like to think that’s when I got my tan (which I actually got the week after I came back home, ah well).

The last day we went to Florence/Firenze. I was there last year, but the Duomo is still a beauty and the gelato was still delicious. That’s the day we got soaked because a hailstorm suddenly got in the way of the sun. Luckily we went home that night, ha!

The reason we went to Italy was because my parents have their 40th wedding anniversary this year. 40 years! That calls for a party, which will be next month.

Next month

For next month, a family day is on the schedule. With the whole family, including aunts, uncles, cousins and second-cousins which will be about 80 people total. And then June 7th, My boyfriend and I are leaving for London!