I’ve written a few travel blogs lately, so I thought it would be time to write about some of my favorite places to be in my own country.

People often tell me that I can get enthusiastic like a little kid when I´m in one of these places, so that shows how happy I am to be there. So without further ado, here are my 14 happy places (in the Netherlands).

The list of places:

  1. An aquarium. I love aquatic animals, so this, for me, is better than the zoo.
  2. Any zoo. Monkey, bears, lions; I like them all. Especially when I’m going with my niece.
  3. The beach. Whether it’s sunny or windy, a walk on the beach is always great.
  4. The dunes. We have lots of them to protect our country, and it’s really nice to walk through the dunes.
  5. The airport. Yes, I don’t even have to actually get on a plane. I just love the vibe.
  6. A musical. It doesn’t matter which one, most of the time.
  7. A forest. Another great place to hike!
  8. A pastry/cake shop. Because I have a giant sweet tooth.
  9. The movie theater. 
  10. My spot on the couch. Where I’ll binge-watch my series.
  11. The hammock I’m borrowing. My boyfriend works full time, and I don’t. So I get to use it now.
  12. My bed. Obviously.
  13. All of the above with my boyfriend. Because boyfriends make everything better.
  14. Anywhere with my niece. She just makes everything more fun (and then I’m not the only one as happy as a kid).

What’s your happy place (in your home country)?