It’s that time of year again! Christmas movies always get me in the right mood (just like Christmas songs!). Some Christmas movies are also a tradition. I will watch The Grinch every year with my sister. I will watch as many Christmas movies on TV when they air, but if they don’t, there is always Netflix with great originals and other classics.

As a Christmas fanatic, it’s a given that I have a list of my favorite movies.

My favorite Christmas movies:

1. The Family Stone

A movie about family getting together for Christmas. The funny and heartwarming (and heartbreaking) moments make this movie a perfect watch during the cold days.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

As I’ve mentioned above, I will watch this movie every year with my sister. The classic Dr. Seuss story will tell you what Christmas is all about. Plus, it’s very funny and a great movie for kids.

3. A Christmas Prince

This Netflix original is only a year old but already a favorite amongst many! It’s the perfect match between a cliché story with a magical setting (a castle) and a lot of Christmassy things. Also, there’s a sequel!

4. How Sarah Got Her Wings

I was totally surprised by this movie. I thought it would be a very bad one, but I really liked it. 

5. The Holiday

Jude Law is as handsome and charming as always in this movie about house swapping. 

6. Love Actually

I could not make this list without putting Love Actually in it, of course!

7. Elf

Another Christmas tradition. This movie is my sister and my fave. Just like the Grinch, we will watch this movie every year.

8. Christmas Inheritance

This is movie is so full of clichés, but that’s also what makes it so good. And with Christmas the happy end is a must, for me (okay, it’s always a must for me).

9. The Christmas Chronicles

A new Netflix-original this year, and when I read what it was about I thought: meh. But the trailer was very good and when I watched the whole movie I was sold. It’s not the best, there are a lot of clichés and weird things (if you’ve seen it: that singing-scene was unnecessary!). But you can feel the Christmas spirit throughout the movie and the story is original.

10. Home Alone 1

From the Home Alone movies, this is the only one I watch (first ones are always the best!).

11. Miracle On 34th Street

I’ve seen only one version of this movie, the one from 1994. It’s a classic that can not be missed in this list.

12. The Sound Of Music

Another classic, which isn’t necessarily a Christmas movie, but for some reason is always on when it’s Christmas. If you’ve never watched the Sound of Music, you really should.

13. The Holiday Calender

Another new Netflix original and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. A little magic, a lot of familiar faces and some new faces make this movie a nice, charming Christmas must-watch.

14. A Bramble House Christmas

Because I needed another Hallmark movie in it and this one was one of the best. 

So, did your favorite Christmas movie make the list?