Happy December and happy almost Christmas! Okay okay, I know November just ended, but I have been excited for Christmas a while now and the month is finally here. πŸŽ„

But before we celebrate December, I’ll have a look back at November. Personally, the month was shitty. I had a hospital appointment every week and that took a toll on me mentally.

So not only am I happy that it’s December because of Christmas, but also because I’m done with all those appointments!

December is also the month of Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands. December 5th is when we get present from this old man, although my family celebrated it on the 30th of November. This is always a very fun family celebration, with present, lots of candy and chocolate and rhymes that we write for each other.

Of course my wish list was full of books. But I didn’t get any books πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I did get a lot of Christmas ornaments that I also asked for, so now I can get a tree and fully decorate it!

November in books

Books I read

This has been a good month in books. Not just in numbers, but more because of the books I read. I read 6 books, 3x 4-star books and 3x 5-star books!

And with these six books, I reached my goal for the Goodreads Reading Challenge! I’ve read the 45 books I wanted in just 11 months. Yay!

So here’s what I read:

Quiet by Susan Cain

A book about introversion. Very relatable for me!

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

A heart-breaking and heart-warming book. Must read!

Hoe Gaan We Dit Uitleggen by Jelmer Mommers

An important read about global warming. A Dutch book though, I won’t review it.

Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle

A fun Winter read by three great authors!

Sorta Like A Rockstar by Matthew Quick

This gave me all the feels. An eclectic cast and a compelling story. Please every body read this book.

One Day In December by Josie Silver

Yes, Christmas vibes! This book was so so good and brought me in the Christmas spirit!

Books I hauled

I had two library hauls where I got All The Bright Places, Let it Snow, Sorta Like A Rockstar and One Day In December.

And for the first time, I got some books to review via NetGalley! I got three e-books, two non-fiction and one fiction. I am so excited to read my first ARCs that I literally jumped and almost cried when I got them!

So stay tuned for the beginning of January, when I will read and review them.

November in the blogosphere

I tried and failed again to read a lot of other blogs. I am also trying to figure out which social media to use more: Instagram or Twitter (if you have opinions about that, I love to hear it!). I’ve also just been thinking about my blog overall and how to move forward from here. Hopefully I’ll have that figured out by January, so I can start the year with the new and improved blog!

This month, I’ve only written two reviews:

Looking into December

ALL. THINGS. CHRISTMAS!!!! I am so excited. I’ll try to read more Christmassy novels (any recs?), go to Christmas markets and set up the Christmas tree.

Are you excited for December? What is your favorite holiday of the year?