I can’t believe I’m already writing another wrap-up post. It feels like I just wrote one yesterday! Probably because September wasn’t a great month and I just want to forget it all together.

But there has been some positive things in September too. I went away last weekend with my family, just in time, because the Monday after the government announced new restrictions which would’ve made going away with the family impossible. And right now I’m enjoying some free time, which I want to spend writing and blogging.

September has also been a month of getting rid of stuff. I cleaned out my make-up drawer, I organised my closet and for rid of some clothes. I went through my TBR list on Goodreads and deleted 99 books! (and updated my list with the book prices on it, so now I know that deleting 99 books will save me 936 euros, which is so satisfying to know!)

Yesterday I watched The Social Dilemma and I am seriously thinking about deleting my bookstagram account. I’m not active on it anyway. I also want to delete Facebook, but it’s such a big step…

Anyway, let’s see the bookish side of the month!

September in books

Books I read

I did not have a great reading month. But I managed to read 3 books, which brings me to 53/45 books for the year.

I reread a book for the first time… ever I think? And the funny part was that I read it almost three years ago to the day. I did not plan this!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Books I hauled

Nothing! I’m still going through my TBR jar and I still have a eARC to read, so I didn’t get new books.

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September in the blogosphere

I’ve had a bad month blog-hopping wise, so I can’t really post those. But I have posted a few times myself:

Looking into October

I still have one and a half week off, so I hope I get to plan some blogs and read some more books.