It’s the end of September, which means fall has just started. The leaves will change, it’ll get darker and colder. And most of all, it’ll rain.

I do not like fall. At all.

It may be because of the fact that I’m cold whenever the weather is below 20 degrees Celsius. And I see all these people on Instagram being excited for sweater weather, pumpkin spice anything and Halloween, but I just don’t get it. The only time I somewhat like it is when I’m with a big cup of tea, watching a movie under three blankets.

September has been busy at work. And since I haven’t taking a day off in I think almost a year, I decided that I’ll have a mini-vacation in October.

But first, before we dive into October, let’s see what I’ve did in September

September in books

Books I read

I started the Book of Joy in August and finished it in September. I love the views that were discussed, but the format was a little confusing at times.

After that, I read Three Amazing Things About You and one amazing thing about this book is that it’s perfect. I gave it 5/5 stars.

I picked Where’d You Go, Bernadette? to read next, and I was not very impressed. Still a solid 3 stars though. Full review comes soon!

And right now I’m still kind of struggling through Love May Fail by Matthew Quick.

Books I hauled

Besides one library run, I have not hauled books this month. I guess it’s been busy? I’m not sure.

The books I got at the library were Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and Love May Fail. I’ll be posting the reviews soon.

Books I added to my TBR-list

I recently read this post on Pop! Goes the reader and I added almost all the books because the covers are just fantastic.

September in my personal life

So last time, the wrap-up got pretty long and I decided against sharing my personal life update in the wrap up. Without going into it too deeply, I’ll give a quick update.

There has been some developments in the health department that are not positive. Apparently, my heart condition has a negative effect on my liver. My liver is still doing that it’s suppose to, for now. And I’ll have regular check-ups to see if it’s changing.

That’s the bad news. The good news it that my boyfriend and I are totally moved into our house! We renovated for three months, and it’s not totally finished. But it’s livable and we couldn’t wait. We moved in two months ago and in those two months we’ve updated more and more. It’s coming together nicely 🙂

September in the Blogosphere

I have two posts that I read that I want to share with you:

The posts that appeared on my blog are (you can click on the image to read the post):

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Nine Perfect Strangers // A book review
Three Amazing Things About You
Three Amazing Things About You // A book review
I Owe You One
I Owe You One // A book review

Over to you! Do you like Fall? Which books have you read and would you recommend them?