It’s the 14th, and usually that means it’s time for another monthly update. I’ve slacked a bit in this department, but I’m going to try to start again. Starting with the second half of August and the first half of September!

Last month

We still live in Haarlem, it’s been two months now already. Time is moving fast. Just a few short months and we already have to find a new place to live! In the meantime, I’m still exploring the city and it’s cute streets.

The yearly fair came to my hometown, and that means I had a whole weekend of parties. The partying usually is from Friday afternoon till Tuesday night, but I have never made that. After Friday and Saturday night, I’m so tired and weak from not sleeping a lot, not eating right and just those two glasses of alcohol a night, so I take the whole Sunday to recover

Unfortunately for me, my father in law celebrated his birthday that Sunday. I still went of course, but I wasn’t great birthday company. The cake was delicious though.

After that, not much has happened. Living together is still okay, and at work everybody is back from their vacation. Life just goes on without much happening.

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And today, the 14th of September, is my five and a half year anniversary with my boyfriend. I don’t know where the last 5 and a half years went. They sure flew by FAST.

The problem is that right now, the yearly fair came to my boyfriend’s hometown, so he’s out celebrating and I’m at home alone.

Well, not exactly. Tonight I will see my favorite movie of all times, Dirty Dancing, in the movie theater. And I will have the time of my life (yes, pun definitely intended).