I’ve skipped a few months because moving out and living on your own is very stressful. But now that we are living together and settled down a bit, I have time to write. So hereby I present you the three-month update.

To read what I did before, read montly update: birthday celebrations

These months

Social media has a lot of benefits, one of them being that you can connect to people you don’t know.

This happened to me, when a girl put up a post that she is renting out her apartment while she and her boyfriend are traveling. For 6 months, in the center of the city of Haarlem for a reasonable price.

Of course I jumped at the chance, getting my boyfriend excited and arranging a viewing of the apartment. It just so happened that we clicked with the other couple and we moved in at the end of June!

I was really excited, but then things got real and I got nervous. Worries like: Do we click together if we see each other every day? Can I still have my quiet Netflix-nights? Do I have to do all the shopping and housework? Truth is, you just don’t know. Communication is key, my mom keeps telling me. So finger’s crossed that everything goes smoothly. (Spoiler alert: It’s hard work. Seriously.)

Weekend to London

If you recall, I got one of the best birthday gifts ever from my boyfriend: A weekend away to London. We left super early on Thursday morning, arriving in London at 9 a.m. for the first day full of exploring.

We saw all the major landmarks: Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and of course Buckingham and Kensington Palace. Unfortunately, the Big Ben got renovated (the bell as well as the tower) so we didn’t see that one.

It was an amazing, but exhausting weekend. I still have the feeling that I didn’t see everything I wanted (Abbey Road, Notting Hill, a play on West End) BUT it was still awesome.

My tip for London would be: investigate what’s going on in the city. After a lot of police cars and suddenly a few military jets, we thought there was something going on. Apparently, it was Trouping of the Colours that day. Which has a Royal parade and everything. The military jets are the ending of the festivities though, so our chance to spot the royals was blown away.

Mom’s birthday

And then we arrive in July. It was my mom’s birthday and since my dad and brother were away, my sisters, mom and I had a day together. My mom and sister came to Haarlem and rented bikes.

From my house we went to the dunes to cycle 20 kilometers. And let me tell you, it was tough! I wasn’t ready for the confrontation. Going up and down and SO MUCH wind was making it hard to go forward. Even though I have an electrical bike, I was getting exhausted. On top of that, at the end of the route my bike-battery was dead.

Can you believe this is just a ten minute bike ride from my home in the city?!

It definitely had an impact on the day, for me as well as my sisters and mom since I was not getting any happier. Confrontations like this – that come out of nowhere – are the worse ones. I am glad I was with people that understand my condition. And who know how to help me.

In the next update more about living together since I will be more experienced then.