It’s my birthday, which means today I will indulge in cake and reminisce over the time when I was still young. Not that 25 is old… right?!

Anyway, more about how I celebrate my birthday will be posted in the next monthly update (Hint: it’s one of these). For now I’ll give you an update on what I did last month.

Last month

On Saturday the 24th, I went to a museum with my boyfriend. There was an exhibition of some of the works by Banksy, a well-known street artist. Both my boyfriend and I really enjoyed it. We actually picked some pieces that we would want to hang on the walls of our house one day.

The week after that it was Easter. We are not very religious, but holidays like this are still family-holidays, so we met up for a brunch at my parents house and after that we went hiking through the dunes. It was very nice and mellow. And it’s also nice that we have a ‘second Easter day’ here in the Netherlands, which is Monday and it’s a national holiday. Yay for the extra long weekend!

I’ve had a check-up with my cardiologist after the small surgery they did last month. That was a five minute visit where nothing new was said. I only know now that I’m allowed to work-out again, which is a good thing.

You also may have noticed some posts went up, like the book review and must do tips in Cape Verde. And there are more coming your way, so keep an eye out. To get updates, follow me on Instagram or bloglovin’.

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