It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Alright, maybe I am a little early, but I am getting in the Christmas mood. The reason? Mistletoe & Mr Right, a book I got from Netgalley and the publisher to review.

But before we dive into the book, I want to tell you that I’m trying out a new book review format. True to the blog’s identity, I made a list of 14 items that I help me judge a book on. It took a while to complete the list and I have no idea if the format is easy to read and easy on the eye. So I’m just going to try it this once. Let me know what you think.

The book review of Mistletoe & Mr Right


We all judge books by their cover. I thought the cover looked fine, except now that I’m looking at it after reading the book it doesn’t totally makes sense. The dog isn’t a big part of the story and other than that the cover doesn’t say anything about what happends. Don’t know if that’s neccessarily a bad thing.

Summary from Goodreads

Lana Montgomery is everything the quirky small town of Moose Springs, Alaska can’t stand: a rich socialite with dreams of changing things for the better. But Lana’s determined to prove that she belongs…even if it means trading her stilettos for snow boots and tracking one of the town’s hairiest Christmas mysteries: the Santa Moose, an antlered Grinch hell-bent on destroying every bit of holiday cheer (and tinsel) it can sink its teeth into.

And really…how hard could it be?

The last few years have been tough on Rick Harding, and it’s not getting any easier now that his dream girl’s back in town. When Lana accidentally tranquilizes him instead of the Santa Moose, it’s clear she needs help, fast…and this could be his chance to finally catch her eye. It’s an all-out Christmas war, but if they can nab that darn moose before it destroys the town, Rick and Lana might finally find a place where they both belong…together.

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication date: October 6, 2020


I was immediately interested, because the first line is: Someone had drawn a giant penis in the snow. I thought that was a hilarious opening line. It did however took a while to fully get invested into the story and the characters.


After a while, the story took off and more and more problems arose. Some of those problems – like the ones with Lana’s job – were a bit of a drag. I didn’t like to read those parts a lot. I was way more invested in the friendships and the romance. The romance is definitely the main plot, but I liked the little sub plots: an on-going one where Lana tries to impress the town and tries to catch a moose, a friend group in which things happen, Lana’s weird childhood and family things, Rick’s history. Enough things happen to make it interesting!


Of course, near the end, there’s a big blow where several things happen at once and everything seems to fall apart. But not surprisingly, there’s a happy ending. Otherwise I probably would’ve hated this book 😅


I really liked Lana, the socialite who doesn’t really feel at home anywhere but Moose Springs, eventhough the town isn’t happy with her and her plans. She is hard-working, but also really hard-loving because it’s clear that all that she does, she does out of love for the town and its people. She’s always happy and positive, because that’s what Montgomery’s do. But I feel like it’s also really like her, not just her upbringing.

Rick on the other hand is a bit grouchy. But he’s loyal to his friends and family. He had a divorce and lost his self confidence when his ex left. But he has the biggest heart and I was rooting for him to get everything he ever wanted.

The many side characters are all a fun mix. Zoey, Lana’s best friend, and Graham, Zoey’s boyfriend and a friend of Rick, are the two main characters from the first book and they were a big part of this second one.


I would say: spoiler alert, but I think we all know there’s going to be romance between Rick and Lana. And what a fun romance it was. It was slow and sweet and full of insecurities that made it feel really real to me.

I also want to point out the friend relationship between Lana and Zoey, because it is awesome. Lana has some very difficult family relationships, which makes it a perfect contrast with the other good relationships. And now I think I’ve said relationships enough in one paragraph.


The setting of Mistletoe & Mr Right is EVERYTHING! A cute, small town in Alaska (I added the cute), around Christmas time. I’m not a fan of the cold, but it gave me such cosy vibes with all the snow, the moose and the mountains. I loved it!

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Writing style

This is the part that is not great about this book. I didn’t like the writing style. The way the characters talk, the way they think sometimes, it just wasn’t great. I felt like there was a lot of repetition. After a while I was like: yes, we know Rick is handsome and Lana is gorgeous, maybe use other words or focus on something else? It took away some of the pleasure of reading and for that it loses stars.


I am not a fan of long chapters and this book felt like it had the longest chapters ever. Sometimes there was a switch in point of view and it was marked right, but in my opinion, it would’ve been better to cut the chapters a little shorter.


Alright, I think I’m just going to put a short list here, because I’ve already talked about it:

  • Romance
  • Holiday/Christmas
  • Friendship


This book is book #2 of a series. I haven’t read the first one (Zoey and Graham’s story) yet, but after reading this book I definitely want to. There is a lot of mention about events from the first book (or at least I think so), but it doesn’t really matter a lot for this book. It can be read as a standalone.

There is also a third book coming with the (love) story of another friend from the group. And I really want to read that one too!

Overall feeling

I liked the story a lot, some of the events weren’t neccessary for me but the romance made up for it. I liked the small town setting and the Christmas vibes, but the writing style took some magic away.

Final rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.