The past few months flew by. I can’t believe it’s already 2018 and already MARCH! A lot has happened in the time since I last posted.

To keep you up to date on the last months, I will do a short list of things that happened.

What happened?

1. I went away on vacation to Cape Verde

This was so relaxing and both my boyfriend and I needed it. The blog about our trip will be up soon!

2. I got pneumonia

And with the help of some antibiotics I got better.

3. We celebrated Sinterklaas, a Dutch holiday

It’s on December 5th, and we all got presents. Of course my niece was the one who got spoiled the most.

4. I started writing a book… again

This time – just like all the other times – I’m hoping it’s the one I would actually finish.

5. I got pneumonia… again

Just when I thought it was over, it came back again.

6. I spent time with my friends

We had a board game night. So fun!

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7. My blog had its one year anniversary

On December the 14th, my blog was officially online for one whole year, yay!

8. I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve

As much as I love Christmas, I don’t like the stress it brings me. Where do we celebrate it? What do I wear? What do we do? Or am I the only one who has that?

9. I quit my job

Well, one of them anyway. The pressure of two jobs took its toll on my physical and mental health, and after a lot of doubts, advice and a little risk that I took, I decided to quit one of them.

10. I took a few steps back because of my health

My health has been spiraling down since August. And because of that, there were a lot of steps I had to take back, like the one explained in #9. I also stopped working out and had to take the car instead of going by bike to the train station. After some tests, they decided on doing a cardiac catheterization to see what’s going on on the inside.

11. I had the surgery and had to heal

A week of no driving and cycling had me stuck to the house. The boredom actually went so far that I started learning crochet and now I’m obsessed.

12. I started journaling

My sister got me this three year-journal and so far I’m writing in it everyday. And by that I mean that I already do it for four days.

13. We planned our next vacation

And by we, I mean the whole family! The ten(!) of us are going to Tuscany, Italy. We are staying in a villa with out private pool. We never really do this, but it’s my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and that’s something to celebrate!

14. I started writing blogs, a lot of them

Downside is, I don’t have pictures yet. But be prepared! There will be a blog up every week. Also, as you’ve noticed on the title, I decided to do it a little differently. I’ll be posting a monthly update on the 14th on what I’ve been upto.

What topics do you want to read blogs about?