I’m freaking out that it’s already March! January is one big blur because nothing really exciting happened and February is always a short month.

But now it’s March.

And I haven’t been updating my blog regularly as I said I would.

So with that, let me tell you a little on what’s going on behind the scenes.

On life in March


With a test and a doctor’s visit in January, I was thrown back into the thought right, I have a heart condition. When you’re born with it and things go well, it’s pretty easy to forget sometimes. And things really have been going well health-wise.

That being said, I read some things about recent studies showing some liver conditions that can be linked to a heart condition. I then asked my doctor about it and now I have to get my liver checked.

I can’t even be mad about it, because I brought it onto myself.


In other news, it’s March, which means this months K and I get the key to our house! *dancing* We’ve been looking and thinking and mostly fighting about how we are going to furnish it.

Also in March: My best friend, love of my life and little munchkin, my niece, turned 4. She is now going to the ‘big school’ and is so proud of herself.

She also calls me crazy all of the time, but then again I’m also the sweetest according to her so I don’t mind.

Work and study

My study is taking a lot of my time, but I’m in the home-stretch now (exam is in April, eek!), so soon I will be able to completely focus on furnishing and blogging.

When my study is done, I’m ready to start focusing more on photography. I’m trying here and there, like when I visited the gardens of this mansion ⬆

On books in March

I am ahead of my reading challenge and that pleases me way too much! Now that I’m living back home with my parents, I have more time on my commute. It sucks (because early wake-up + later home at night), but it gives me more time to read.

I once got a free subscription for a month from this book thing. You get 8 e-books a month for a very low price, but the e-books are picked for you. I got a try-out for a month, so I have these 8 books that I normally wouldn’t pick. I have this feeling that I need to read them all – because free books! – so there might be some books coming up that are not romantic, YA or chicklit.

Besides the free e-books, I have a small stack of physical books that I need to get through. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for more than a year. So before I buy any new, fun, just published books, I have a lot to get through.

Bare with me. I have to bare with it too.

What would you like to read more of on the blog?