There are bloggers out there who know what they’ll read the next month. And then there is me, who decide what my next read will be pretty randomly.

Okay, not randomly, otherwise I wouldn’t spend a whole post on it. I have a system. I have lists. Loooots of lists. Did I mention that I love lists?

I like to have my things in order (except for my house -and desk in particular – you do not want to know how messy that is). So in order to figure out my next read, I follow these steps:

1. What does my library offer?

I became a proud library member back in April. I was so excited to read all. The. Books!!! Unfortunately, it’s a Dutch library (duh…) and there is a limited amount of English books. Add in my TBR-list and there are almost zero books left for me to borrow.

I’m now borrowing the Dutch versions of the books they do have, against my will. Which is still only 3% or so from my TBR-list.

So I’ll be reading this 3% first, so I can cancel my membership and spend my money on books otherwise.

2. What books do my family and friends have?

This is usually a long shot. I mostly add book to my TBR-list because of this. Like Ember in the Ashes: I was not planning on reading this, because it is not my kind of book. But I saw it on my brother-in-law’s bookshelf and after seeing so much praise for it in bookland – blogs as well as bookstagram – I decided to give it a go.

I also borrowed two books from my brother, Quiet and Hoe Gaan We Dit Uitleggen?

3. Which books are cheap?

Hey, I don’t have a lot of money and books are expensive. As the list-lover that I am, I made an extensive list in Google sheets, with all the books that are on my TBR-list. Next to that, all the prices on my go-to website. (Of course I added the sum of all books, anybody has 4500 euros? Anybody?)

With color codes, I made the distinction between books below 2 euros, books below 5 euros, below 10 euros and the rest. It goes without saying that the ones below 2 euros are the ones I buy first, than those below 5 euros, and so on.

4. Which books have been on my TBR-list the longest?

New releases sometimes blind me to books that I have wanted to read forever. Though the first 3 steps already filter out most recent releases, this one also does the trick.

It also just feels really good to read a book that is on my TBR-list since 2013.

5. And sometimes, I do whatever I want

Sometimes I ditch these steps and my list and I just buy and read what I want at that moment.

How do you figure out what to read next? Do you plan ahead or are you a mood reader?