Hey guys! With 2019 over and done with, it’s time to look at what I like to accomplish this year. I never set goals, because I never accomplish the things I want to accomplish. But setting smaller goals maybe helps, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these goals. What do I want and what do I not want? What is achievable and what isn’t? Though I’m still not sure if this is all achievable, I’ll do my very best and give updates with my monthly wrap-ups.

Reading goals

Of course, like every year, I’ll have my Goodreads reading challenge. Usually, when I hit my reading challenge, I’ll up the challenge with five books the next year. But this year I decided not to, because I’m scared reading will become a chore then, and I want it to still be fun.

Also, I’ve found more and more interesting non-fiction books, like self-help and biographies. So I’m trying to incorporate them into my reading.

Other than that, there is this series I need to read, because I promised my mom’s coworker/friend. She is a big fan of The Seven Sisters books by Lucinda Riley. And since I’m a bookworm, she really wants me to read it and have an opinion. So I said yes, and then realized there are seven books in this serie…


Oh well, it’ll add up nicely towards my reading goal I guess. These are my two reading goals for 2020:

  • Read 45 books in 2020
  • Read at least one non-fiction book each month.

Blogging goals

One achievement I would like to make in 2020 is blog more. Now that I’ve found book blogging, I think it’ll be easier. Though I know I have to explore more with different kind of posts instead of only reviews.

I also need to blog hop more and leave more comments. I know how lovely comments can be if you get one (or twenty), so I must give others those happy feelings too.

So I guess I can say my blogging goals are:

  • Blog more! Try to do at least one post a week.
  • Try to venture out into other kind of blog posts.
  • More blog-hopping and leaving comments.

Personal goals

All right, this one is the hardest one to make.

Last year, I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time ever. And I failed. Miserably. (I didn’t even talk about it in my November wrap-up because it was embarrassing)

But this year, I want to try again, at least in November.

Besides that, I want to try to write more over all. Don’t know in what kind of way. Blogging is a big one too, but I want to do more creative writing and maybe some journaling.

Personally, there are a few more goals I like to achieve. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what though. I just feel a little… off or something. Not content, but what has to change? I don’t know.

This is all very vague, I know. If you have any tips on finding out what that nagging feeling means and how to deal with it, please let me know.


One very practical goal is going to the gym at least two times a week. One of those times being a yoga or Pilates class.

To sum it up, my personal goals are:

  • Write creatively, at least 2000 words a month
  • Find something to fix that nagging feeling
  • Go to the gym at least two times a week
  • Sign up for yoga/Pilates class.

Let’s get going

So there you have it. I think these goals are doable, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what this new year brings.

Do you have any goals or ambitions for the new year? What would you like to achieve this year?