Who doesn’t love Netflix?! I have a whole watch list full of movies and shows that I still have to get through, but first things first: let’s see what I’ve been watching lately and if I liked it.

1. Grace And Frankie

I was a bit apprehensive when it came to this show. Two older women, what would be fun about that? But I must say that it took me by surprise. It’s not especially awesome, but it’s fun and easy to watch. With episodes that take only 20-25 minutes, you get through them pretty quickly.

2. Heal

I find documentaries very interesting, but I never take the time for them because I rather watch something that’s easier or more fun to watch. This documentary spoke to me so much, that I watched it the same day it came on Netflix.

And I loved it. And now I’m going to meditate every day and watch what I eat and, and, and. Okay, probably not, but it was very inspiring!

3. You

I have heard SO MUCH about this show. It’s so good! It’s so creepy! You must watch this!

I’m in episode 8 and I don’t feel like watching more because I don’t really like it…

I think it’s kind of boring and the thing that happened in the beginning already put me off.

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4. Isn’t It Romantic?

Yes! Another romantic comedy by Netflix and I must say it was a great one. A little bit of satire and a whole lot of humor. Well done Netflix.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

An oldie, but I hadn’t seen it yet. I thought it would be a romantic comedy and there is absolutely romance and comedy in it, but it’s not really a light-hearted one. Still though, it was a fun enough watch. Also; Mila Kunis and Kristin Bell are in it, so it must be good!

What are your Netflix recs?