I’m one of those people that can watch multiple series at a time. I don’t necessarily need to finish one to start another, because sometimes I’m just in the mood for something else, you know?

Like, I loved Pretty Little Liars, but it was so intense sometimes. That’s why I also watched Young & Hungry at the time, which is cute and fast-paced and really funny.

I know not everyone can do that; my sister for example needs to finish all of the seasons before she can watch something else.

So lately, I’ve watched some shows/series too. Here are the most recent five.

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Series I’ve watched recently

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

It sounded so promising. Like something I would like. My sister watched the first episode, didn’t like it, but said to me that it was perfect for me. It has songs in it! Like a musical-serie! That made me want to watch it even more!

I was so excited, but so, SO let down. I started watching the first episode, but stopped in the middle. Yes, the story was perfect, but the songs… They were awkward and forced. It bothered me so much that the story couldn’t save it.

2. Arrested Development

I’m watching Arrested Development with my boyfriend. We always have trouble finding something we both like to watch, so it’s a win that we are watching SOMETHING.

Honestly though, I don’t really have an opinion for this one. It’s okay, not great but not bad either. Kind of funny and definitely something different than what I normally watch. I wouldn’t watch it if I watched alone, so I don’t really recommend it.

3. The Handmaid’s Tale

So, I’ve FINALLY started watching this, after hearing so many great (disturbing) things about it. I’m almost at the end of season two and here’s what I have to say:

This is the most disturbing, weird, awful but brilliant show. Awful for the things that happen, that is, because the show is great. It has the craziest story, but with so many relatable things that it makes you scared of the world. It has tension, mystery, sometimes a little bit of love and hope which makes it the perfect mix.

4. One Day At A Time

I wanted to watch something light, fun and quick and with episodes that only last 25 minutes, One Day At A Time fit that category. So far, I’ve watched I think 5 episodes? It’s great and funny, but not really pulling me in yet.

5. Younger

Again, I wanted to watch something light, fun and quick, since One Day At A Time hasn’t pulled me in yet. Younger was also on my to-watch list for quite some time, because the innerchild in me is still a Hilary Duff fan.

And boy, did this show NOT disappoint. I’ve caught up on all 5 seasons in three days because it’s just that good! Nice clothes, nice job, nice guys… A whole lot of funny conversations, awkward situations and of course some drama. Watch it. You’ll love it. (Added fact to convince you: the maker of the show is also the maker of Sex And The City)

What show are you watching? Do you have any recommendations for me?