Warning: this is going to be a very personal blog.

I have not been okay pretty much my entire life. Having a heart condition is a big part of that, because it affects my life in multiple ways. I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to that. These consequences also have a great impact on my mental health and I’ve been seeing a psychologist for that for the past year.

Personally, I think I have already improved quite a bit. It’s still hard not to fall back into old habits, but I’m becoming more me every day (or maybe week/month, it’s hard to tell sometimes).

A big part of me is being ok with who I am. I’m a long way from accomplishing that, but I have accepted the fact that I am a book worm. I used to feel like it was nerdy being caught up in a book instead of going out, but not anymore. I just really love to read. So much so that I decided to turn my blog around a bit and make it more focused on books.

As a reader who is still figuring herself out, I’m getting more and more into self-help books. Those are scary at times (I felt ashamed that I need them), but if they are good, they can really help. And if not, they at least leave you thinking.

I’ve read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (I file that one under self-help books). You can read the review here. It made me excited to read more of these kind of books and suddenly I saw recommendations everywhere. Out of the various lists online, I picked my favorite five that I can’t wait to read.

Self-help books I can’t wait to read:

OFF. Your Digital Detox For A Better Life

As so many these days, I am constantly online. Even though i know it doesn’t always make me happy, it’s like a drug I can’t quit. I’m very curious how this book approaches it (and if I will be able to detox).

The Power Of Habit

As I said, it’s hard not to fall back into old (bad) habits. Not just the personal bad habits, but also at work. This book gives an insight on why we do what we do, and I think that when you know that, you can change. And when the people in my favorite podcasts talked about it, it made me want to read it even sooner!

The Self Love Experiment

I mean, this title explains itself, right? Loving yourself is maybe one of the hardest things to do, but hopefully this book will help.

Big Magic. Creative Living Beyond Fear

That beyond fear is what triggers me most. As someone who works in a somewhat creative field (writing articles for my boss) and one that wants to  be a writer someday, I find the creative work fun but very very hard. So hopefully this book will help with the process and the fear of being judged.

Braving The Wilderness

The subtitle (I guess?) is: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone. And that hits home pretty hard. Where I belong and knowing I can do things by myself are two major dilemmas I still have. Can’t wait to see how this book may be of help.

As you can read, I have pretty high expectations of each book. And though I know those expectations may not be met, I can’t wait to read them because that’s who I am. And I’ve been trying to embrace that 😉

p.s. The book in the picture is not mentioned, because I asked my sister to take this picture. Now that I see it, I’m also very curious about that book…

Do you read self-help books? Which one is your favorite?