I know that a title is meant to be intriguing or at least somewhat interesting to make people buy the book. And while my TBR-list seems to be only growing instead of slimming down a little bit with books that interest me, there are some books with intriguing titles in my list that just scream at me: READ ME ALREADY.

But I love lists and I love going at it chronologically. I made a deal with myself that whenever I buy a new book, I buy the book that’s been on my list the longest. I make exceptions, because I always want to read the book before it turns into a movie, so if a book is scheduled to be filmed I read it as soon as I can.

There are also those book with titles that just sounds so good. Whether it’s because it doesn’t make sense or intrigues me in another way. There is a probability that I will read them sooner than later.

(I haven’t read any of these books yet, so I can’t say anything about the story)

Books with intriguing titles:

1. The statistical probability of love at first sight

I’m a sucker for love at first sight, even though in real life I don’t really believe in it. I also love statistics and logic and this book title has both aspects in it. And though this book may not be about love at first sight (I don’t know, I haven’t read it yet), I like the idea of it. And the idea of looking at it from a statistical probability-point of view. If that makes sense.

Also, since English is not my native language, I have a hard time saying the first part of this book title out loud. Believe me, I tried. It adds some charm though.

2. One of us is lying

Which one is lying and who is us? Doesn’t everyone has these questions right when they see this book title?!  Though I love reading about romance and friendship, I like a book or story to have some mystery in it too. This book title gives the signal that there will be some mystery and it’s just an overall great title.

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3. Other people’s houses

Like many people, I’m someone who compares herself to others. That’s what I think this book is about and because I can absolutely relate, I find myself intrigued at what the story is about.

4. They both die at the end

First thing that comes to mind when I see this is that this is a huge spoiler. Of course I don’t know that for sure. But don’t you agree that it is intriguing? Again you get all these questions: who dies? Why do they die? What happens before the end? Just tell me already! (Really don’t, I rather read it in the book)

5. She’s having her baby

Okay, this book is about a baby and I love babies. I also have a feeling that this book might be about adoption or surrogacy and since I personally (maybe) have to deal with that – in about ten years when I’m ready for kids – I am very interested in reading this book.

Image source: pexels.com

Over to you: what book titles intrigue you? Which of these books have you read?