When I was a kid, I already loved reading. I didn’t do it as much as I do now, but it was definitely the beginning of my bookworm life.

I remember one time in elementary school – I think I was 9 (different school system here in the Netherlands) – I got punished for something I did in class. The punishment? Instead of our 15-minute break playing outside, I had to stay inside and read. How was that punishment? It was Winter, so way too cold to go outside anyway AND I got to read. Win-win. I hated getting punished though – goody- two shoes that I am – so it did not happen again.

My reading picked up around the age of 10 I think, so most books on this list will not be young kids books.

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I loved these books as a kid:

1. Dolphin Diaries

I think this is the name in English. This series was about a twelve-year old girl Jodie, who travels the world with her parents to research dolphins. I was/am a big dolphin lover, and this series had adventure, dolphins and so much more. I loved it.

2. Heartland by Lauren Brooke

Every girl has a horse-phase I think. Though I am terrified of horses, because of the books in this series I wanted one myself.

3. Achtste-groepers huilen niet by Jacques Vriens

A Dutch book, but it had to make the list. I think I read this book ten times when I was in elementary school. It was about a twelve-year old girl who has leukemia and the way her class handles it. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

4. The babysittersclub by Ann M. Martin

Skip a couple of years to when I’m I think 13/14 and you find a lot of the Babysitters Club books on my shelf. I got them from my older sister and I absolutely loved them. Each book had a different perspective of one of the members, which I loved. I did not read them all, but I’ve read enough to make me want to have an own club.

5. Hoe Overleef Ik…-series by Francine Oomen

Another Dutch book. Or series actually. This was about a girl who went to High School and how she survives it. The first book I read in the series translates to: How do I survive Freshmen year. Freshmen year in the Netherlands is when your 12/13. This book prepared me (or actually made me a scared, because a lot of stuff happens that won’t happen in real life, ha!)

Now tell me

Which books did you love when you were a kid? Would you still read them now?