After a relaxing and beautiful vacation in the Algarve, I went right back to busy weeks with lots of things going on. Two weeks ago I had two job interviews in one week. You can probably guess it was a stressful week… But the results were awesome!

I am always extremely nervous for a job interview, which is quite normal of course. But I always find it difficult to talk about my heart condition because I’m afraid they will judge me and not hire me because of that.

So with these interviews, one company didn’t know anything about it while the other already knew before I came to the interview. Both interviews went pretty good in my opinion, but I wasn’t invited for the second round for one of the two. The other one however… offered me a contract!

So on June 14 (the 14th! It’s a sign) I’m starting my new job. I’m very excited, since it’s a job that fits the degree I have. And I finally got to resign at the supermarket. That was a fun job for 5 and a half years, but it felt like a student job and I’m not a student anymore.
It was quite scary to resign. But as I shared in a Quote Monday once: Take the risk or lose the chance.


Next to the new job, I also officially started a text and translation company by myself. I already have one company for which I write and translate freelance. They keep coming with more and more work and the great thing about it is that I can do this from home in my own time.

The new job and my own company make me develop my writing more and more. Not only the creative writing, but also in business writing. So no matter where it takes me, I at least have the experience. And nowadays, that’s what everyone is looking for.

The downside is that I have less energy and time to expand the number of blog posts. I’ll continue to try to write at least once a week and on Instagram I’ll still do Quote Monday.