The One and Only. I mean, the title already sounds good right? That’s what I thought when I first came across this book. It sounded like the romance novels that I read and love. So after being in my TBR-list for quite some time, I decided it was time to read it.

But then I looked on Goodreads at the reviews. Which – I might add – I never do. The first two reviews were not positive… Therefore, I got a little discouraged, especially since the woman who wrote the first review said that when the book mentioned football, she gave up. That didn’t get me into the mood of reading the book and I was on the verge of choosing another one to read first.

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The book review: The One and Only

Well, let me tell you, this whole book is about football. American Football that I – as a non-American – have very very little knowledge of. So I really had to make myself read the book.

But once I did, I couldn’t really stop! It’s not that it’s a great book. It is very well written, but the plot and the characters were a little hard to get through sometimes.

First off, the main character was a little annoying. She was sometimes indecisive and insecure and other times very presumptuous. Her morals and thoughts were not something I could relate too, which made it hard for me to empathize.

The plot was somewhat unexpected, but in many ways you could kind of see what was coming. It starts with the main character not feeling content with her life and she finds herself making some major changes. Nothing wrong with that! I usually love books like that (and then start to wonder what major thing I should change…) But then the plot starts to go somewhere what sometimes intrigued me, and sometimes made me kind of uncomfortable. Up until a point where luckily, there is some sort of get away from it all. But the author doesn’t take the way out, and makes it a very cliche and quite abrupt end of the story.

So after all this, should you read the book? Well, I’m still not sure. Though the book was alright, not something I would absolutely definitely recommend, I do think about it sometimes even after finishing it two weeks ago. It made me keep thinking about it, and only interesting and/or great books do that.

What book are you reading right now?