It’s fri-yay! That means there is another book review ready for you. This time I’ll share my thoughts about Open Road Summer by Emery Lord. It’s a nice summer read that will make you feel all the feels. Without further ado, here is why I gave it 5/5 stars on Goodreads.  I would definitely recommend this book, so go pick it up now.

The book review of Open Road Summer:

I always have a book hangover. But because I have to commute to work for one and a half hour I HAD to start a new book ;). This book… It took me right in and swallowed me up. The first one and a half hour made me longing for more. I couldn’t wait to go home and read again. Maybe it’s because of the last book that wasn’t quite up my alley, but I think it really is the book. The characters are fun, the problems are real and the way it is written makes sure that you can relate to almost every character, no matter how different they are.

It is always fun to read about a world you most likely won’t find yourself in: the world of a famous country star. I like how this book doesn’t center around the problems of being famous, but more on the friend in the ‘shadow’. The friendship between Reagan, the main character, and her best friend is enviable. The emotions are very real and not over the top. This makes the book so much more real, there really isn’t an other word to describe it.

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I thought it would be a light Summer read, but eventhough it isn’t, it is an amazing book. Just a little bit predictable, if I have to give one downside. I must say that the book hangover after this book was way worse than the one before!

Which book made you feel all the feels?