As I’ve mentioned, Fixing Delilah is one of the books I was planning to read this summer. I just finished it and therefore thought: I should write this review immediately.

This book sounded like the perfect Summer read: a troubled girl going away for the Summer against her will, family drama, love and friendship. So did it live up to the expectations?

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My thoughts on Fixing Delilah

I didn’t expect a lot really, Fixing Delilah was in my TBR-list for about five years, so apparently it wasn’t interesting enough to buy it sooner? I don’t know why though, because this book was amazing.

Like I said, it was the perfect Summer read. Set in a nice little lakeside town, with the drama that you expect in a YA-novel, makes it a great getaway from the world for a while.

The main character, Delilah, is troubled. But in a teen/high school girl kind of way, which is the best way (if you like contemporary YA like me). Add in some family secrets from the past, a boy and Summer activities like kayaking and 4th of July festivities and you have a the best recipe for a summer book.

I hear you think: isn’t it at all predictable then? Well, yes and no. When you read a lot of these books, you can definitely see some things coming. Close to the end of the book though, I didn’t know how it would end. Would it be the cliche ending that I love? Or will it be another ending, something that happens sometimes in YA-novels to show the growth of the characters. Either way would’ve been nice, but I must say I really liked the ending the author chose.

After a review like this, I don’t think I have to add that I think you should absolutely read this book. But I do it anyway. Because you do. Have to read it. Just saying.

What other Summer read should I add to my TBR-list?