Book review number 2! I’m a big fan of Sophie Kinsella. Her chicklits are always funny and cute and so well written that I could finish the book in one day. So after finding out she had written the YA novel Finding Audrey, I knew I had to read that one too.

Finding Audrey is about a girl who has some psychological issues. She has a social anxiety, which lead to awkward interactions. This book follows her path to recovery, with a little help from a new friend Linus. So what did I think?

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Book review of Finding Audrey:

Sophie Kinsella has a great writing style, which makes reading this book a breeze. The characters are very well-defined and have some very particular traits. The book starts in the middle of a rant from Audrey’s mother and you’ll find out that that’s just how her mother is. I found her mother very annoying in the beginning, but towards the end of the book I got to understand her a little better and she actually changed a little. It made her much more tolerable.

A mental illness is of course a very serious subject, but this book wasn’t a very serious and depressing read. I think it is amazing how the author could write about it like that, without being offensive to the seriousness of mental illnesses (if you know what I mean). She made Audrey a relatable character, even though we don’t all have the anxieties as much as she has.

The book also discusses the meaning of family and support. The way Linus helps her break through some barriers Audrey had really shows that a good support system and a little push here and there can help you. And I think that she wrote about it in a way that makes you think that it doesn’t necessarily has to be help by recovering from an illness, but also in other aspects of your life. We all need a Linus now and then.

All in all; Finding Audrey was a fun, quick and easy read that I recommend to everyone. It helps you understand the impact of a mental illness and how and why supporting each other is needed.

What were your thoughts about Finding Audrey? What book would you recommend?