It’s been a while since my last blog post, and you probably can see why!

I decided that it was time to personalize my blog some more, but the technology wasn’t working with me. After trying to install a new theme, the whole blog crashed. Something obviously went wrong and it took some time to make it right again.

But my genius boyfriend fixed it, my awesome sister designed it and now I have this amazing looking blog!

The look is not the only thing that has changed. After brainstorming with my bf, we came up with different posts that will probably be great. So next to the kind of posts I have already posted, we came up with: Book reviews and ’14 days with(out)…’. I think the first one speaks for itself, but if you have any books that you want me to read and review, feel free to let me know.

The second one is somewhat of an experiment. It can be ’14 days without internet’ and I will (try to) not use the internet for 14 days, and after that blog about it. Now, it can be anything and I have some ideas, but more ideas are always welcome.

After Instagram and Twitter, I knew I also had to make a Facebook Page. So here it is: Make sure to click that Like-button! 🙂
I’m new to Pinterest, but I believe you can follow there too? So if you want to see what I find interesting, just follow.


Besides my blog getting a transformation, I also was quite busy these past weeks. Work and social life were busier than before, but luckily I got to chill out this past weekend in the beautiful city of Florence! My boyfriend and I spent my birthday weekend there and it was pretty awesome. There was pizza and gelato and cocktails. Do I need to say more? There will be a full blog about that in the near future.

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