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About XIV

Hi there! Welcome to XIV. On this blog I'll share about all things books in my life. You'll find reviews, lists and discussion post as well as a monthly wrap-up. (Each review, whether it's an ARC or not, is completely honest and consist of nothing but my own opinion.)

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Jas (not my real name, but just go with it). I'm in my later twenties, have a job in communications and lives together with my boyfriend of seven(!!) years. 

I like to read. No, scratch that, I LOVE to read. 📚 In the train, in the bus, in the waiting area of the doctor's office, at home whenever my boyfriend hijacked the tv. Books are a great escape from everyday life.

I also love to write and it has been my lifelong dream to write a book. 🖊 Although I'm not actively writing at the moment - because life you know - I wanted something to do that included writing and reading. Et voila! XIV was born!

Let's get started, shall we? Maybe you'll like to know more about what I want to read, or how I pick my next read. Do you have a suggestion, question or just like to chat? You can contact me through:

E-mail: info @ (of course, without the spaces)

Pssst, want to know more about me personally and how I live my life? I'm planning on adding a section where I talk more about living with a heart condition and all that goes with it. Stay tuned!

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