This book review is loooong overdue. I read A Love Letter Life back in May 2019 and wrote this review soon after. So why did I not post it? I guess it has something to do with how I feel about the book, which you may already know if you read my 2019 in 30 questions.

Anyway, A Love Letter Life was a book I was really excited for. You may know the authors, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, from the TLC show Little People, Big World. They are active on social media, where I follow them and their little daughter (who is the cutest by the way). They also have a podcast that I often listen too.

On Instagram, I saw a lot of things come by that were about the book. Most of those things were book reviews from people who read the book in a day, people who don’t normally read, but read this book, and people who claim their lives are changed and that they will read the book over and over again.

Since listening to their podcast, I got more interested in their view of relationships and living. Though very Godly – and I’m not religious at all – it is very interesting and eye-opening.

So yeah, I was excited to say the least. Even so excited that I had to borrow my brother’s creditcard to buy it. I don’t have one and American sites don’t accept anything else that I do have.

Was the long wait worth it?

When I finally got the book, I couldn’t wait to start. I figured it was kind of sacred, a book that I didn’t want to read on my commute, but rather read as an act of self-care. So when the weather was great, I went outside and read.

I did not finish it in one day. I did not like it as much as I thought I would.

It is still a great book, I’ll start by saying that. It’s an epic love story, one that I would love to have. Writing letters, exploring together, bonfires and summer nights; it sounds like the setting of a good romance novel, but it was their real life.

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What I didn’t like

Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe it was a bit too religious. I don’t know exactly, but sometimes they weren’t very specific. They would tackle hard topics, but only go so deep. Therefore it sometimes felt a bit general.

I expected lots of insights that I could use in my own love story, but I didn’t get them. Maybe that’s just me.

That being said, the book has a great love story and I’m a sucker for that. The disappointments I had made me take 2 stars off.

Final rating of A Love Letter Life

3 out of 5 stars.