In my April wrap-up, I talk about the slump I’ve been having for a while now. I’m trying to get out of it and getting tagged is a very easy way to put out a post! And A Book For All Occasions Tag is such a fun one too!

Thank you Rose @ Wander Between Pages for tagging me!

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Name a book that makes you cry

I feel like I haven’t talked about this book at all (and maybe I haven’t), but it is by far my favorite Nicholas Sparks book. The characters, the story, the trouble, the switch from past to present, back to past again. I love it and it made me cry so much.

They actually did a great job with the movie too, and I cry every time I rewatch that.

Name a book that makes you smile

Another book that I read a while ago. I feel like I talk about my recent reads a lot, even though I read so many more amazing books! Truth is, I can’t remember books that well, even if I loved it.

Sophie Kinsella usually makes me laugh, but My Not So Perfect Life was so relatable, awkward and funny that it is the one that stands out from the rest.

Name a book that makes you feel passionate

A while ago, I read The Book Of Joy and it made me feel so inspired. Desmund Tutu and the Dalai Lama talk about being kind to each other and how to find joy in your life and I fully back them in their way of thinking. It made me feel passionate (again) to live that kind of life and to spread the word.

Name a book that makes you feel cozy

Cozy makes me think of being under a blanket while it storms outside. Or Christmas with all the twinkly lights. And I couldn’t find a book that gave me that feeling.

Any book by Sarah Dessen makes me feel cozy though. Did I mention lately that I love her books? Because I do. Her books are like a nice fluffy blanket, with the occasional storm of course.

Name a book that transports you to a magical place

The first book that came to mind is Harry Potter. I searched long and hard for a different one, but I couldn’t find a book that would fit. I only read contemporaries, so ‘real life’ doesn’t feel like a magical place.

Honestly, I only read the first two Harry Potter books, and though I loved the books, I switched to the movies after that. I know, shame on me. The magical world is still amazing though! And yes, I inserted the cover of the Dutch edition, because 1. I read it in Dutch, 2. I liked this cover the best and 3. It brings back memories.

Name a book that scared you

The Sun Is Also A Star didn’t necessarily scare me, but it really put me on edge. I was afraid of how it would turn out, constantly rooting for the happy ending that sometimes seemed so far away. It’s not a typical scare, but I am all fluff and don’t read other kind of scary books.

Name a book that makes you feel jealous

I read Love & Gelato back in March, just when the whole pandemic hit my country. And I was ready to be transported to Italy, Florence especially. I love that city and this book was SO good in describing the setting, that I was really jealous of the cast that they were there and got to live there.

Name a book with an inspiring female character

The Unexpected Everything was such a great read. The main character Andie was really inspiring for me. She has big plans, but when they are cancelled at the last minute, she has to rethink her whole Summer. She doesn’t get down and she’s always there for her friends. At the end of the Summer and the book, she has really grown and I love that!

Name a book with an inspiring male character

In The Five-Year Plan, Orla may be the main character, but Aiden really stood out to me. He’s a wildlife photographer and his whole attitude towards life and nature was something that I loved. He inspired me to go out more, even if there is rain or a storm (and then two weeks after finishing the book, I couldn’t leave my house for two months, but details…)

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