Sometimes you have to treat yourself. Whether it’s because you had a long hard week at work, did something good, because you haven’t treated yourself in a while or because it’s the shortest day of the year. When I wrote this list, I realized I treat myself almost every day with one or two things.

You treat yourself by:

  1. Lighting some candles, picking up a good book and taking a bath. I do this about three times a week and it’s so relaxing.
  2. Baking something. And then eat it! Because even though baking is fun, the real fun begins when you can eat it.
  3. Having a spa day at home. Face masks, hair masks, scrubs. Whatever fits you.
  4. Or treating yourself to a real spa-day!
  5. Getting your nails done. Because you feel so much better when your nails are looking great.
  6. Getting a nice massage from your SO, or go to a real masseuse.
  7. Buying that pair of shoes. Because you know you’ve been thinking about nothing else than those shoes.
  8. Binge watching your favorite tv-show/movies. During the whole day, or just two to four episodes at night.
  9.  Staying in your PJs all day. This is not only comfortable, it also makes number 8 so much better.
  10.  Getting a snack on the way home. I always try to stay away from the shops at the train station after work, but every now and then I’ll go in and buy something delicious to treat myself after a long day of work.
  11. Cooking your favorite meal. Because nothing beats good food.
  12.  Better yet: Having someone cook your favorite meal. Your mom, your sister or your SO, they put love in it which makes it even better.
  13. Buying tickets for your favorite band/singer in concert. You know you want to.
  14. Spending some time with family. Like with your sisters. They always fill me with happiness, so it definitely is a treat.

What do you do when you want to treat yourself?