Your birthday should be a national holiday, right?! I always get teased because I will start on Valentine’s Day saying that in just two months, it will be my birthday.

When I was young I would make a countdown calendar, and now it’s already that time of the year again! Just three more nights…!

I think everyone should celebrate their birthday, big or small.

Celebrate your birthday in a special way.

Here are some ideas:

1. Eat lots of cake/ice cream

Don’t worry about the calories, it’s just for one day!

2. Bake a cake or cookies to bring to school/work to share.

I bet everyone can appreciate that.

3. Take a day off.

When your birthday is during the week, take a day off from work to celebrate (don’t do this if your still in school though!).

4. Cook your favorite meal.

Just because it’s YOUR day.

5. Or… go to your favorite restaurant!

And of course have cake as a dessert.

6. Decorated your house with garlands and balloons.

Or have someone else do it. It’ll bring you in a festive mood in no time.

7. Buy yourself a present.

Now is the time to buy those shoes you’ve wanted for a while, so do it.

8. Get pampered in a spa.

You’re worth it.

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9. Have a house party.

Just make sure every breakable item is stored away and notify your neighbours.

10. Go to a roller disco with friends.

Laughs guaranteed.

11. Or go bowling.

If you want to do something that takes less effort and is a little safer.

12. Have a small get-together with just close friends and family.

The people you love the most should definitely be there.

13. Go out clubbing.

Who knows? You might get some free drinks!

14. Go on a vacation.

For example Florence. Not dealing with birthday-visitors is one of the good parts.

I’m usually celebrating my birthday by having people over and eat lots of cake. I usually put on my best outfit and my family decorates the house. This is what I’ll be doing this Saturday, starting with breakfast in bed :).

How will you be celebrating your next birthday?