I love having a day off and luckily I have a couple of days in the week where I have nothing planned. But on those days, I sometimes wish I could do and accomplish more than just binge-watch Gilmore Girls the whole day. How I keep myself productive?

This way:

1. Exercise in the morning.

After working out, I feel energized for the rest of the day.

2. Make a to-do list.

It helps me make clear what I have to do, and it feels good to cross off when it’s finished.

3. Set small goals.

When I make a to-do list I put on small things, usually breaking one big tasks into smaller ones for a clearer view and more motivation when I finish one small tasks.

4. Remove clutter.

Working at a desk that’s full of clutter (read: make-up, forms, jewelry and what not) makes me itchy and doesn’t help at all to be focused. So I first clean up my desk and then I’m ready to roll.

5. Make a happy place.

Working at said desk is okay if it’s cleaned up, but I need more to make it my happy place: Scented candles and Christmas lights. It really helps if my working space is a happy place.

6. Take breaks.

Nobody can work for 6 hours straight, so take breaks every now and then. To help you keep on track, you can make a schedule: every half an hour a 5-minute break and every two hours a 15-minute coffee break. Or whatever schedule works for you.

7. Take a walk.

Between tasks, it can be good to clear your head a little and get some fresh air.

8. Keep hydrated.

Your concentration suffers if you are dehydrated, so always keep a water bottle within reach. Or a nice cup of tea.

9. Keep snacking.

Same thing as number 8, if your sugar level is low, your concentration is too. Snacks are great, especially if you choose the right ones. I recommend bananas.

10. Do the things you don’t like to do first.

After that, you are already about halfway through your to-do list and you’re very motivated to do the rest!

11. Keep distractions to a minimum.

And with this I mostly mean: your phone. More specifically social media. This is so distracting. So keep your phone on silent and try to steer clear from Facebook while working on your laptop.

12. Listen to music…

…but only if it motivates you. You don’t want to end up giving a concert in the mirror, but music can definitely motivate you. Make a playlist with the right songs and you’re good to go.

13. Treat yourself after you’ve finished.

Like eating a cookie when you cross off something on your list. Or try one of these at night.

14. And when it fails, just remember: You can always try again on your next day off.

How do you keep yourself productive, especially on days off?