Anyone else having seasonal affective disorder? I do not like Winter at all, with the dark days and cold weather. Give me a tropical place and I’ll have no problem staying warm. But when the temperature drops, I cannot seem to stay warm. Yes, I’m that person who always want the heat cranked up high, even when everyone else doesn’t seem cold at all. All I want to do this month is cuddle up next to the heater with a cup of cocoa and a good book.

This is kind of a venture into something different than books. Although, you can do almost all of these with a book in you hand. I just felt the need to share. Since I’m always cold, it isn’t that much of a surprise that I know – with a little help from the internet – a lot of ways to stay warm. And I want to help you stay warm too.

How do you stay warm?

1. Stay in bed all day

Why leave that holy, warm place if you don’t have to? This is probably the best way to stay warm. And a great way to read all your books or binge-watch that show you’ve been wanting to see.

2. Layer up

And I don’t mean wear a sweater over your t-shirt. I will wear leggings under jeans, two pairs of socks (one pair up to the knee, one just up to the ankle), three pairs of gloves and a three meter long scarf not really caring I don’t look fashionable.

3. Drink hot beverages

I don’t know if this is scientifically proven to work, but it sure feels nice. Hot cocoa is always a good idea, but tea is a great option too. Fresh ginger tea works WONDERS. I’ve been drinking it for a while now and I really think it helps. You can find various articles online that also proclaim this to be true. I must add, it has a unique taste that is not for everyone, but if you can stand it you’ll feel warm from your toes til your nose.

4. Try to sleep better

When you’re tired, your body can’t seem to stay warm enough. So if you don’t sleep enough or well enough, chances are you are cold the next day.

5. Take a blanket wherever you go

I mean, in your house. But if you want to at work or school, be my guest. You can also try to find a scarf or poncho that kinda works like a blanket. I did this, and now I’m wearing this blanket-scarf everyday at work.

6. Take a bath (or hot shower if you don’t have a bath)

It feels soooo good. (Although I read somewhere that it is not advised, because you will be colder when you get out)

7. Try to avoid outdoor activities

Which is hard, I get that. Taking the bike to the train station every day feels like a punishment in Winter time. But since a couple of years I’m cold more often than before, so snowmen and sleigh rides are a thing of the past. (in the rare occasions I do it, I’m layering up BIG time and afterwards wrap myself in blankets, take hot baths and drink hot beverages)

8. Keep your feet warm

When my feet are cold, the rest of my body is cold too. So I invested in nice fuzzy slippers and fluffy socks.

9. Get a hot water bottle

Or something else you can heat up. It’ll feel nice and warm against your body.

10. Snuggle

With a pet, your significant other, parents, siblings, the one sitting next to you on a train. Take some of their warmth to get toasty yourself.

11. Get moving

This totally contradicts the first one, BUT getting up and moving is a great way to get some heat into your body.

12. Stay hydrated

It is possible that you’re dehydrated and just need to get some water in you. Or tea. Or hot chocolate.

13. Eat healthy

Because this always solves everything, as they say on the internet.

14. Heat pads

If everything else fails.

What do you do to stay warm?