The temperature is rising and today was the first day that it was sunny enough to spend the day outside. When the sun’s out I get motivated. Not necessarily in a good way… One of the reasons is an explanation on why I’m late with this blog (You guessed it, number 5 is a favorite). Here are 14 things I want to do when it’s sunny.

The list:
  1. I know I’m not the only one, spring cleaning really is a thing.
  2. Eat fruit.
    For some reason I eat healthier when it’s sunny.
  3. Take a walk.
    Because it’s good for you and you get to enjoy the sun. Win-win.
  4. Get a tan.
  5. Do nothing and not feel guilty about it.
    Chilling in the sun is not something to feel guilty about.
  6. Go to the beach.
    Either for a walk or just to tan.
  7. Take a road trip.
    Windows down, music up (my favorite summer song right now: Ed Sheeran – Barcelona) and just go.
  8. Drink cocktails.
    Fruity flavors. Alcohol in it. Great way to spend an afternoon in the sun.
  9. Go shopping.
    I always love looking for new summer dresses and skirts. Usually I just end up with shorts and t-shirts though.
  10. Take a bike trip.
    Biking is big in the Netherlands and when it’s not too hot outside, it’s a great way to ‘exercise’ outside.
  11. Work in the garden.
    Planting flowers to make the garden colorful again is good therapy and boosts my mood.
  12. Clear out my closet.
    Old summer clothes that you have to throw away and putting your winter clothes aside, so I’ll have more room for the clothes that I’m buying (see number 9!).
  13. Plan my next trip.
    A weekend away, or a long vacation, when the weather is nice I get excited to go somewhere tropical. Or just learn more about a trip already planned. Like one of these places.
  14. Go on a day trip.
    Okay, this one is similar to number 6, but the beach is just a start. I also love going to the zoo, to a city and explore or to a natural park.

What do you like about sunny days?