I had cereal for dinner tonight. Why? I am moved out and live alone. For now at least. I’m house sitting my brother’s house while he is moving in with his girlfriend. And that is going to take a while. So for the next two months I’m living by myself. I moved in on Monday, and so far I have already encountered several things. Not all are positive, but I’m still trying to stay positive for the next two months.

These things I know now that I live alone:

1. Groceries are expensive.

And I already tried to look for cheaper brands and sales, but man! Even for a household of just one person it’s expensive…

2. I had to buy things I never thought about.

Like toilet cleaner, or laundry detergent.

3. Doing laundry takes a lot of your memory.

You have to remember you put something in the washer, so you hang it up to dry. I did that Monday and I just realized the laundry is still hanging, probably have been dry a while.

4. Being alone is kind of boring.

I’m used to having people around me. Even when I would go to my room, I would always hear my family downstairs. Now I just always have the tv on so it’s not so quiet.

5. Being alone is kind of scary.

I’m not used to the sounds of this house and especially at night in bed it can get kind of scary.

6. I can go to bed whenever I want.

And the last two nights that meant I go to bed way too late because the next item on this list.

7. Being alone means binge-watching Netflix.

At least for me.

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8. Being alone means eating whenever I want, whatever I want.

Sounds cool, but right now I’m having a potato chips and candy lunch. Not very healthy…

9. Doing dishes is the most terrible job.

Well maybe not the most because cleaning the toilet isn’t great either. But it’s high on the list. I wish I had a dishwasher here.

10. Cooking for just one person is tricky.

I don’t want to make to0 much, but I also want to have enough. Hence the cereal.

11. A house is not a home.

It’s difficult to make my brother’s home more ‘my’ home. I guess it’ll have to grow on me.

12. I’m sloppier than I thought.

I live alone now, so who cares about the clothes in the bathroom, the used towels on the floor or the various bags on chairs and the couch? Yeah… it’s already a mess.

13. I have to kill the spiders and open the lids.

Now spiders are easy to remove with the vacuum cleaner, but opening lids? I’m not sure how I would handle that. Luckily I haven’t had a problem with that yet, otherwise I would seriously call my dad.

14. I’m more independent than I thought.

Who knew!

What do you think is the greatest thing about living alone?