I admit: I am a couch potato. And I’m proud of it. Most of the time.

As a couch potato, what I do a lot is watch tv or Netflix. Movies, series; I like it all. I prefer Netflix because binge watching is possible and there are no commercials. So, I have seen plenty and found 14 series that I think every woman will like. Get the snacks and press play!

The series:

1. Gossip Girl

I think you’ll find Gossip Girl in every list about this subject. Who doesn’t love the clothes and the boys in this? The unusual relationship between Blair and Chuck keeps you interested and with the van der Woodsen family there’s never a dull moment. Through that all, the competitive yet very strong friendship between Blair and Serena helps them through a lot.

2. Pretty Little Liars

I don’t think there is a short way to write about PLL. Things get so complicated so quickly. And that’s the strength of the show. It’s mysterious and exciting, but at the same time the characters face everyday problems like love, insecurity and family. Also, the guys are not bad to look at. I’ll forever be a Haleb fan.

3. Gilmore Girls

An ‘oldie’ but such a goodie. Gilmore Girls is about Lorelai the mom and Rory the daughter. They face the world together in their own way; with a lot of sarcasm, movie quotes and unhealthy food. The boys aren’t bad to look at either (#TeamJess!).

4. Grey’s Anatomy

Which female in this world has never heard of Grey’s Anatomy? It makes you want to study medicine, it makes you want to become a doctor and it makes you want to marry all the male characters (most of them).

5. Full House

Three girls, raised by three guys. Laughs guaranteed. I loved this series as a little girl and now that it’s on Netflix I watched all the seasons in about… two weeks maybe. Also, this series is full of life lessons which makes it really a show for the whole family.

6. Fuller House

YES! I was so happy that the Full House cast reunited for Fuller House. No, it isn’t as good as the original (it never is, is it?). But Fuller House is also full of laughs and gives me a warm feeling inside. Must watch.

7. Life Unexpected

I never heard of this one until I became a member of Netflix. It sounded pretty good, but I was not expecting it to be amazing. The series only has two seasons, which is not enough. It’s about a girl who finds her biological parents and that messes up everybody lives.

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8. Desperate Housewives

The families living on Wisteria Lane are not your typical family. They may seem perfect, but there’s a lot of drama with pretty much anything you can think of. And who doesn’t love drama?

9. Nashville

I have a bit of a thing for country music. At least, most of the music made for this series. I can’t even describe why I love this show so much, but I do.

10. One Tree Hill

This one’s also a classic. As you probably know it’s about a group of friends/high schoolers and their lives during and after high school. Cute boys and pretty girls included.

11. The O.C.

What would it be like to be rich? Ryan finds out, when a rich guy from the O.C. helps him and later on adopts him. He lives life in a villa with nerdy (but cute) guy as his brother and pretty neighbors. Of course, a lot of drama ensues.

12. Suits

Good looking guys in suits. No further explanation needed.

13. The Hills

Drama, drama, drama. In this ‘reality’ soap there’s always drama. And that makes it a guilty pleasure. Follow the life of Lauren and her friends, going through their early 20s in L.A.

14. Sex and the City

It’s been a while since the last episode of this show was aired on tv, but that doesn’t mean anything. Guys, NYC and designer clothes and shoes are a timeless combination that works perfect. This show is so good to binge-watch, especially with friends.

Which of these is your favorite? And what is another good series to binge-watch?