Something Real made me fall in love. Not just with the book, but also with my family again, because how lucky am I that I don’t have a family like the one in Something Real. Heather Demetrios was an unknown writer for me, but after this I think I’ll read some more of her books. Here’s what I thought about this one.

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Book review on Something Real:

I liked this book after I finished it, but when I started I was so annoyed. The mom got under my skin and it almost lost me and made me put the book away. But I figured that it would get better and it did. I love reality tv, so this book has a good theme that got me hooked right away. This book described the behind the scenes perfectly, in my opinion.

I can’t say that I liked the main character Bonnie/Chloe, because sometimes she would be such a whiny girl (sorry…). But I absolutely fell in love with Patrick and can he just become my boyfriend already?

Like I said, the mom really got under my skin. I think the author went a little overboard with her character.

Also, I like a good cliche story (most of the times) and in this case, the author just made it ten times more cliche. I won’t give away any spoilers but I really felt the end like go very cliche on purpose or go home. It worked, I think, well in this book.

All in all, I really liked this book as a whole. Everything fits, though some things couldn’t have been a little different to make this book even better.

What are your recommendations for my next book to read?