I am a family person. I spend more time with them than with my friends, because it’s one of the things I like to do most. That’s why I also love babysitting so much.

I am lucky to have a close family. We do a lot of things together, like hiking or going away on a trip, and see each other frequently. Next to that, we daily contact through text messages. I really believe family is the most important thing in the world, because you are bound for life.

There are so many little things that make me happy to be a part of a close family. Here are 14 things that mean the most to me:

1. We help each other

And usually not expect anything in return. Like me babysitting, or my sister making a new design for my blog (coming soon!)

2. We want everyone to succeed

That’s why my other sister sends me job offers for me to apply to.

3. They are always honest

They will tell me when I’m being lazy, or when my clothes don’t match. Then again, when they compliment me, I know it’s honest too.

4. I can be myself around them
5. They know all my annoying habits

And they will call me out on them, as I said in number 3.

6. Hanging out with them doesn’t take a lot of effort

Because they know who I am and I don’t have to try so much.

7. I know them

Just like they know me. And I know just who to call when I have a problem.

8. We have history together

Lots of fun/embarrassing/awkward memories we can bring up and laugh about again.

9. They will always have my back

Which is always a nice feeling to have.

10. Since I’m the youngest: I always have someone looking out for me.
11. I have more than one wardrobe

Because: Sisters. Too bad they live on their own now.

12. We have the same humor

There are a lot of laughs when we are together.

13. We are very different, but don’t hate each other (luckily).
14. We are also the same

We are family, have the same blood, past and some may say we have the same nose.

Are you close with your family? What do you like about your family?