I’m probably not the first one to say that my niece is the cutest, smartest, most beautiful little girl there is. And I know that I’m the only one that’s right, ha. So babysitting her one day a week is not really a job, but just a fun day hanging out. Now that she’s almost 2 years old, it just keeps getting better.

14 things I love about babysitting her:

She knew my name first.

Well, she could say mama, oma (grandma), opa (grandpa) and papa before she could say my name, but those are easy. My name is harder, but the first one she could say!

Being silly together.

We dance, we lay on the floor, we sit under the table and we laugh. A lot.

Quiet time when she’s asleep.

Yes, a break is nice. One hour of watching Netflix in peace?

Trips to the park.

She loves walking and running in the park. Especially now in the winter, when there are puddles she can jump in. Laughs guaranteed.

Hugs and kisses.

She sometimes runs up to me for a hug and I swear that’s the best thing in the world.

Being a little kid again.

Because next to being silly together, I get to play with Lego and Barbies and dolls and going on swings without needing an excuse.

Our bond is strong.

She’s so used to having me around, that our bond is really strong.

I can do what I like.

Okay, I have a kid to consider, but if it’s raining outside I don’t have to go out. On the other hand; if it’s sunny and warm I can be outside the whole day instead of having to stay in (which I’ll have to at a job). I can also have a lazy day and spend the whole day watching tv, while my niece just entertains herself.

Snack time is the best time.

Candy! We don’t have a lot of candy at my house, but at my sister’s house there’s candy. And cookies. And fruit, because you gotta have your vitamins too.

Going to amusement parks.

Not the big ones, obviously. We have what’s called ‘Fairytale wonderland’ close by. Which has songs and houses with dwarfs and a BIG playground and slow rides and honestly as an adult it’s fun to go too.

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Watching her grow up.

It’s amazing how fast everything goes and sometimes I think one day in the week isn’t enough to keep up.

Figuring out what’s on her mind.

She’s almost 2 and she’s talking, but… It’s very incomprehensible. But that’s the fun of it, trying to figure out what she means.

Great way to improve my patience.

Not everything is fun and games, so sometimes I have to keep my patience if I try to teach her something that is not allowed. And sometimes she keeps going on and on about the same thing and I feel like I always have to respond.

Great way to practice for later.

Because one day I’ll hopefully have a kid of my own.

Do you like babysitting? What do you think is great about it?