Every time summer is over, I get a little sad that the cold, dark days of fall are coming again. But there are some great things about each seasons and here are 14 reasons why fall is not so bad.

The list

1. The colors of the leaves on the trees (make sure to hike in the woods some time!)
2. Watching a movie under a blanket while it’s raining outside.
3. Sweater weather!
4. Cute boots. Ankle, over-knee or really just any kind of boots.
5. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, yum!
6. Getting some fresh air on the beach. Seriously, try it! The beach is great in the fall.
7. Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of the year. Too bad we don’t celebrate it here in the Netherlands.
8. Curling up on the couch with a good book.
9. Pumpkins, whether it’s for decoration, soup or pie.
10. Time to light candles again. Especially scented candles.
11. The best time for delicious apples and apple pies.
12. Scarves as an accessory.
13. Getting ready for the winter by buying a new wardrobe.
14. We’re getting closer to Christmas!

What do you love most about fall?